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Green Building Faculty

Green Building Faculty (GBF) comprises nine groups of experienced experts who support the HKGBC and BEAM Society Limited (BSL), in forms of task force work related to green building initiatives, acting as members in BEAM Expert Panels, providing expert advice on green building related matters, adjudicating BEAM Plus Final Appeals and various other kinds of pro bono services.

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Listen to what GBF members say about their work with the Council:

Expert Groups:

(1) Construction Environmental Management (CEM)

Covers IDCM in BEAM Plus NB V2.0, i.e. Environmental monitoring and audit (EM&A) for construction projects, Considerate construction, Construction and demolition (C&D) waste management, BIM integration, Project document management system, Integrative design process.

Environmental Managers

(2) Social Sustainability and Community Aspects (CA)

Covers community and social sustainability elements, e.g. community engagement, sustainable lifestyle, planning of housing, community preservation, place making, cultural aspects, CSR for developers, social impact assessment, barrier-free access, construction safety, wage protection, CDM (i.e. HSE management).

Urban planners and designers
Community planners
Social sustainability experts
Construction safety / Construction industry sustainability experts

(3) O&M Management (MAN)

Covers SA in BEAM Plus EB, MAN in BEAM Plus Interiors, and O&M parts in EU and IEQ of BEAM Plus NB, e.g. environmental purchasing, Housing management, O&M practices, green cleaning, pest control, renovation management, user guidance, CSR facilities in premises, O&M facilities, security system, energy management.

Property and facility managers
Energy management / ISO50001 experts
Maintenance surveyors

(4) Site Aspects and Outdoor Environmental Quality (SA)

Covers SA in BEAM Plus NB and outdoor environmental quality issues, e.g. site amenities, site contamination assessment, transport, urban design, ecology, heritage, public open spaces, microclimate, AVA, neighbourhood daylight access, light pollution, environmental noise, construction pollution management, landscaping and greeneries.

Urban planners and designers
Landscape architects
Construction site environmental experts
AVA / CFD / UHI experts
Ecology experts
Light pollution experts

(5) Materials Aspects (MA)

Covers MA in all BEAM Plus rating tools, e.g. design of refuse handling facilities in buildings, municipal waste facilities, C&D waste, ODP/ GWP of materials, timber products, interior finishes, modular design, prefabrication. It also covers material embodied energy, product eco-labelling, life-cycle assessment (LCA) and environmental product declaration.

Material engineers / experts
Civil / structural engineers
LCA experts
Interior designers
E&M engineers, including refrigerant experts, waste facilities experts, flexible engineering services experts
Waste management experts

(6) Energy Use (EU)

Covers energy aspects in all BEAM Plus rating tools, e.g. passive design, energy-efficient systems, renewable energy, energy simulation, energy-efficient appliances, T&C, district cooling, CHP, etc.

Passive design experts
E&M engineers
Energy-efficient infrastructure experts

(7) Indoor and Outdoor Water Aspects (WA)

Covers WU in all BEAM Plus rating tools and other water-related aspects, e.g. water-efficient irrigation, storm water management, wetland conservation, indoor water use, water audits, water quality, water recycling.

Landscape architects
E&M engineers
Civil engineers
Ecology experts
Water chemists

(8) Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ)

Covers IEQ in all BEAM Plus rating tools, e.g. thermal, aural and visual comfort, IAQ, natural daylight, natural ventilation, noise and vibration, amenities inside buildings.

Building physics specialists
E&M engineers
Interior designers

Selection Criteria

Essential Criteria

Candidates MUST fulfill the following requirements:

  • Being an accredited BEAM Pro or satisfying the minimum qualification requirements for BEAM Pro

  • Minimum 15 years’ relevant post-degree (or equivalent) work experience; or previous BEAM Faculty/GBF membership with recognised contribution.

Preferential Criteria

Candidates who meet the following requirements would be considered FAVOURABLY.

  • Have experience in leading or training in at least one of the subject matters denoted by the 9 expert groups.

  • Have exemplary project, research or teaching experience in the subject matters of the expert groups;

  • Have previously contributed towards the HKGBC and/or BSL.

Selection Process

The Selection Panel involving representatives from the Green Labelling Committee of the HKGBC, the Technical Review Committee of BSL and Chairs of BEAM Expert Panels will select suitable candidates based on their qualifications and experience. Normally, selection meetings are held twice a year and the selection will be on a competitive basis. The decision of the Panel shall be final. Candidates will be notified of the selection results when available.

How to Become a GBF member

Eligible candidates should submit the EOI Form online to the HKGBC.

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