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Entry Criteria

One should meet ALL the following 3 requirements:

  1. A degree in a relevant discipline (see Table 1);

  2. Full member of professional institute (see Table 1) AND

  3. At least 8 years’ post-degree experience relevant to the planning and design of sustainable neighbourhoods (see Table 2).

Relevant Disciplines:

  • Planner, architect or surveyor (PA)

  • Landscape architect (LA)

  • Civil or environmental engineer (CE)

  • Mechanical or electrical engineer (ME)


Planning, architecture, surveying or related subjects



Landscape architecture or related subjects

MHKILA or equivalent


Civil or environmental engineering or related subjects

MHKIE (Civil / Environmental) or equivalent


Mechanical, electrical, building services or energy related subjects

MHKIE (Building Services, Mechanical, Energy or Electrical) or equivalent

 Table 1 – Relevant academic qualifications and membership


Community engagement, socio-economic study, local culture study, place making and local character reinforcement, transport planning, site design appraisal, cultural heritage impact study, public open space design, building setback and permeability, neighbourhood daylight access, visual quality study for recreational spaces, universal access for external areas.


Landscape design, ecological enhancement, nature conservation, tree management


Cut and fill balancing, municipal solid waste management, wetland/water body conservation, flood risk assessment, stormwater management, outdoor air quality and noise, transport planning


District cooling system, large site central AC plant/boiler plant, combined heat and power, water recycling, thermal comfort in outdoor areas, urban heat island study, renewable energy, passive design

Table 2 – Relevant experience

Modes of Service

Upon accreditation by HKGBC, BAS will support the assessment work of BEAM Society Limited (BSL).  There are two modes for BAS to provide the service:


Paid Service:

BAS enters into Assessor Agreement with BSL.  The BAS will be paid at the rates laid down in the Agreement. Currently, there is no requirement on minimum number of times of service, but HKGBC reserves the right to impose it in future.


Volunteer Service:

BAS enters into Volunteer Agreement with BSL.  The work will be performed as volunteer service.  The initial BAS training fee and subsequent annual BAS training fee will be waived for volunteer BAS. Currently, there is no requirement on minimum number of times of service, but HKGBC reserves the right to impose it in future.


Selection Process

A Selection Panel involving representatives from both the HKGBC and BEAM Society Limited (BSL) will select suitable candidates according to their qualification, experience, competence, etc. Candidates with supporting documents showing full compliance with the stated criteria will be selected.

  • Training Session

The selected candidates will be notified to attend a 0.5-day training session to enhance the familiarisation with the BEAM Plus ND rating tool. The training is primarily provided via a training video, which will be supplemented by a briefing about the examination. Except candidates opting for volunteer service, all candidates will be required to pay a fee before they are admitted to the workshop.

  • Professional Assessment Part 1: Written Examination

After the workshop, the candidates will attend a half-day Professional Assessment involving written questions which simulate case assessments. Language proficiency (use of English) will be one of the elements under assessment.

  • Professional Assessment Part 2: Oral Examination

With reference to the answers to the written paper, the Examination Panel will interview the candidates. Language proficiency (use of English) will be one of the elements under assessment. The Panel reserves the right to disqualify a candidate who fails to demonstrate language proficiency. Upon completion of Part 2, the Panel will recommend the results of accreditation, including the accredited aspects of individual BAS.


Tentative Programme

Recruitment programme is under review. 

We are NOT accepting EOI at the moment.



Please note that candidates selected by the Selection Panel will be required to pay a training and examination fee to the HKGBC. Fee is non-refundable regardless of the result of Professional Assessment.

Candidates who will provide volunteer service will be waived from the training and examination fee.


HKGBC Members*

HK$2,200 Base Charge
+ HK$1,100 per aspect

Non-HKGBC Members

HK$3,300 Base Charge
+ HK$1,650 per aspect

*Including employees of companies that hold Institutional Membership of the HKGBC or Members of BSL. 

Important Notes

  1. Candidates who do not choose to perform volunteer work should ascertain with their employers whether paid outside work is allowed.

  2. BEAM Assessors are not allowed to print the assessor qualification on their name cards or resumes.

Examination Result Appeal

A candidate may submit an appeal to the Secretariat within 4 weeks of receiving the notification of examination results. The only valid grounds for appeal are: the examiners have disregarded material facts in the examination or procedure has not been properly followed. The candidate shall submit a letter stating the examination question/issue being disputed and the grounds of the appeal.  A non-refundable review fee of $2,000 shall accompany the application. HKGBC will set up a review panel which shall finish the review work within 60 calendar days. The decision of the review panel will be conveyed to the candidate via the Secretariat. The decision of the review panel shall be final.


For enquiry about BAS recruitment, selection and job assignment, please contact Mr Eddy LAU at Tel No 3994 8868.

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