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Entry Criteria

There are two routes to become BEAM Assessors (BAS) (NB/EB/BI).


Route 1 – Normal Route:

One should meet all the following four (4) requirements:

  1. A degree in built environment related discipline;

  2. Minimum eight (8) years’ post-degree proven working experience in the building sector, demonstrating credibility in working with senior representatives of the client team in the procurement of new buildings (i.e., planning, design, construction, commissioning, etc.) and/or existing buildings (operation, maintenance, management and/or renovation) as well as knowledge about the issues covered by BEAM Plus such as various local/international best practice standards to which it refers and other best practices, e.g., low carbon and environmentally friendly building systems/technologies and management policy etc, and how these can be integrated and improved in the built environment;

  3. Hold valid BEAM Pro (ALL four tools: NB V1.1/1.2, NB V2.0, EB V2.0 and BI V1.0) qualification; AND

  4. Close technical involvement in previous BEAM / BEAM Plus project, i.e. has been involved in the submission (either Provisional Assessment / Final Assessment stage) of at least one project targeting at Gold rating or above.


Route 2 – Veteran Scheme:

One should meet all the following three (3) requirements:

  1. Full member of a recognised professional institute in the construction industry, namely HKIA, HKIE, HKIS, HKIP and HKILA or recognised equivalent;

  2. At least twenty-five (25) years’ proven experience in the building sector after obtaining the full membership; AND

  3. (a) Be a current BEAM Pro (ALL four tools: NB V1.1/1.2, NB V2.0, EB V2.0 and BI V1.0), or (b) have attended ALL the BEAM Pro NB V1.2, NB V2.0, EB V2.0 and BI V1.0 training sessions.


Candidates under the Veteran Scheme will have to undertake the same BAS Written and Oral Examinations as those in the Normal Route.

Please note that candidates choosing 3(b) above will be tested on BEAM Plus general knowledge when they attend the Oral Examination.

Modes of Service

Upon accreditation by HKGBC, BAS will support the assessment work of BEAM Society Limited (BSL). There are two modes for BAS to provide the service:


Paid Service:

BAS enters into Assessor Agreement with BSL. The BAS will be paid at the rates laid down in the Agreement. All BAS (NB/EB/BI) are required to provide at least one time of service per year.


Volunteer Service:

BAS enters into Volunteer Agreement with BSL. The work will be performed as volunteer service. The initial BAS training fee and subsequent annual BAS training fee will be waived for volunteer BAS subject to the volunteer providing the required number of times of assessment service within a specified period.   Currently, this requirement is set at 2 times of service per year. If this condition is not fulfilled, the volunteer will be de-registered and be required to reimburse HKGBC/BSL the waived training fees. Details will be laid down in the Volunteer Agreement.

Selection Process

A Selection Panel involving representatives from both the HKGBC and BEAM Society Limited (BSL) will select suitable candidates according to their qualification, experience, competence, etc. Candidates with supporting documents showing full compliance with the stated criteria will be selected.

  • Training Workshop

The selected candidates will be notified to attend a 2-day training workshop, which may be held on-line, to enhance the familiarisation with the BEAM Plus assessment procedures and process. Except candidates opting for volunteer service, all candidates will be required to pay a fee before they are admitted to the workshop.

  • Professional Assessment Part 1: Written Examination (75% weight)

After the workshop, the candidates will attend a half-day Professional Assessment involving written questions which simulate case assessments. Language proficiency (use of English) will be one of the elements under assessment.

  • Professional Assessment Part 2: Oral Examination (25% weight)

Provided that a candidate can achieve a passing score in the Written Examination, the candidate will be invited to attend an interview carried out by an Examination Panel. Technical competence and language proficiency (use of English) will be assessed during the interview.

Upon completion of both Part 1 and Part 2, the HKGBC will determine the results of accreditation, including the accredited aspects of individual BAS.


Tentative Programme

Closing date of submitting EOI: 29 February 2024

Shortlisting based on submitted application forms: Within March 2024

Training workshops: Both 13 April 2024 and 11 May 2024 (2 days)

Written examination: 8 June 2024 (afternoon)

Oral examination: one of the following dates as determined by the examiners -

  • SS, MW and CEM: 20 July 2024 or 27 July 2024

  • EU: 8 to 12 July 2024

  • HWB: 22 to 26 July 2024




Please note that candidates selected by the Selection Panel will be required to pay a training and examination fee to the HKGBC. Fee is non-refundable regardless of the result of Professional Assessment.

Candidates who will provide volunteer service will be waived from the training and examination fee subject to the provision of the required number of assessment services per year.


HKGBC Members*

*Including employees of companies that hold Institutional Membership of the HKGBC or Members of BSL. 

HK$2,200 Base Charge
+ HK$1,100 per aspect

Non-HKGBC Members

HK$3,300 Base Charge
+ HK$1,650 per aspect

Expressions of Interest

Click HERE to download Expressions of Interest Form for Normal Route (NB/EB/BI)

Click HERE to download Expressions of Interest Form for Veteran Route (NB/EB/BI)

Deadline: 29 February 2024 (Thursday)

Important Notes

  1. Candidates who do not choose to perform volunteer work should ascertain with their employers whether paid outside work is allowed.

  2. BEAM Assessors are not allowed to print the assessor qualification on their name cards or resumes.

Examination Result Release

The examination result will be released within August 2024. The examination papers will not be returned to the candidates but feedback comments will be given to candidates who have failed the examination subjects. 

Examination Result Appeal

A candidate may submit a request for appeal to the Secretariat within 2 weeks of receiving the notification of examination results. The Secretariat will then contact the candidate to arrange a review. The only valid grounds for appeal are: the examiners have disregarded material facts in the examination or procedure has not been properly followed. Within 2 weeks of the review meeting, the candidate shall submit a letter stating the examination question/issue being disputed and the grounds of the appeal. A non-refundable review fee of $2,000 per question/ issue shall accompany the application. HKGBC will set up a review panel which shall finish the review work within 60 calendar days. The decision of the review panel will be conveyed to the candidate via the Secretariat. The decision of the review panel shall be final.


For enquiry about BAS recruitment, selection and job assignment, please contact Mr Eddy LAU at Tel No 3994 8868.

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