BEAM Affiliate Qualification Maintenance

With the new CPD policy effective from 1 Jan 2018, BEAM Affiliate is required to fulfill CPD hour requirements and settle Qualification Renewal Fee every year.

1 January - 31 December


CPD hours per year

On or before 31 March


Annual Qualification Renewal Fee

Annual CPD Hour Requirements

The HKGBC recognises professional development in different forms.

The CPD requirements for BEAM Affiliate comprise of live and online seminars, technical visits, project experience and research. BEAM Affiliate can achieve their annual CPD requirements in a flexible manner.

1 Jan - 31 Dec

of every year

6 CPD Hours

every year

Types of CPD Activities

If you see the CPD icon at the event flyer, CPD hours for that event will be auto recorded.

Type 1

Attend or be a speaker in any green building-related training/seminars/events

Type 2

Conduct research/study; or

Write papers related to green buildings

Type 3

Attend HKGBC/BSL committee/working group meetings; or

Act as a jury member in competitions organised by HKGBC/BSL

Type 4

Participate in BEAM Plus project

(Maximum 3 hours to be claimed per year)

Exemption of CPD Record Submission for

BEAM Affiliate's First Calendar Year of Accreditation

Excess or Outstanding CPD Hours

Annual Qualification Renewal Fee

BEAM Affiliates are required to pay for qualification renewal fee of $150 every year as part of the requirements of qualification maintenance.


31 March

of every year


$150 per year

Annual Qualification

Renewal Fee for BEAM Affiliate

Exemption of Annual Qualification Renewal Fee for First Calendar Year of Accreditation

Surcharge to Annual Qualification Renewal Fee

Suspension and Termination

Failing to fulfill the CPD hour requirements or settle the Annual Qualification Renewal Fee

may risk the suspension and termination of the BEAM Affiliate credential.


BEAM Affiliate qualification will be suspended if BEAM Affiliate fails to fulfill the CPD hour requirements or settle the Annual Qualification Renewal Fee.

Failing to settle Annual Qualification Renewal Fee

Failing CPD Requirements

What's next?


Suspended BEAM Affiliate can reinstate his/her qualification by fulfilling the minimum CPD hour requirements, or settling the outstanding Annual Qualification Renewal Fee, or both.

Termination due to insufficient CPD hours

Termination due to outstanding payment of Annual Qualification Renewal Fee

What's next?

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